Rain water is free soft water!
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Rain Barrel Installation


If you have gutters on your roof, place your barrel near the down spout and add a diverter so water flows directly onto the top of the barrel.  If you do not have gutters, but have an area on your roof where there is a valley or steady stream of rain off the roof during a rainstorm, simply place your rain barrel so that the rain will stream onto the top of the barrel.
If you have a down spout that goes directly into an existing dry well or draining system, you may want to purchase a rain diverter (sold separately) to funnel the rainwater to the top of the barrel. When the diverter is closed, it connects your down spout back into your drain system during the winter months when you do not want to collect rainwater.
 A full rain barrel will weigh around 400 pounds. Place your rain barrels on a surface that is flat and level. A good base can be made of concrete blocks, landscaping blocks, or a sturdy wooden stand.

Some assembly is necessary. Each barrel includes a mesh screen, a 4-foot section of hose, and a 90-degree angle PVC connector. The screen sets inside the hole on the top of the barrel. The elbow fittings threaded end screws into the tapped hole on the side of the barrel and faces downward. The 4’ section of hose connects to the unthreaded end creating the overflow to drain excess rainwater away from the house. To drain rainwater further away from the foundation, longer 1.5” sump pump tubing can be purchased at most hardware stores. The spigot is turned slightly sideways to allow for an easy connection to a hose.
 If you are planning to use drip irrigation or have a garden that is level or slightly uphill from the barrel it will be necessary to raise the barrel. By raising the barrel 2 feet off of the ground, you will be able to easily fill a watering can or use gravity to water your plants.
 If you have purchased two or more SkyJuice Rain barrels and want to connect them, our SkyJuice connector kit allows you to connect the barrels.